So this is what mommy #sepanx feels like

Today is the last day of my maternity leave.

Tomorrow morning—and every working morning after that—my heart will break whenever I kiss my son goodbye so I can go off to work. I can already foresee it: Me, in my cubicle or at a shoot or some event, constantly wondering: What’s he doing? Has he eaten yet? Did he poop? How much did he poop? And does he even miss me? Because I’m sure as hell I’ll super miss him. And this makes me want to cry. As in ugly cry. HUHUHU.

How can I leave this cutie every day? :(

How can I leave this cutie every day? 😦

But I know I should feel lucky—
—to have found an experienced yaya who’s done a great job so far. (Thank you, Lord!)
—to have a husband who willingly splits baby tasks with me. God knows I’ll need him more now at night and especially on deadline days!
—to be going back to a job that I love, and which affords me flexibility in terms of time.
—to be amongst moms in the workplace, because I need all the mommy support I can get (Hi, Tish and Maits!).
—and to have an electric breast pump. HAHA. Makes all the difference.

For now, wish me luck, please! And mommy strength. Lots of it.


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