Orange You Glad

The team had its anniversary issue staff shoot two Fridays ago (OK! turns 7 this April!) and we couldn’t resist squeezing in a few cray-cray shots just for kicks.

From left to right: Art Director Red de Leon, Features Editor (and expectant mom) Joanna Mendoza, Editorial Assistant Sandra Pineda (our newest team member!), Assistant Publisher Mary Love Siy, fish-faced me, Managing Editor Lana Chan (who’s channeling Rooney Mara, BTW), Editor-in-Chief Frances Sales (also preggy and glowing!), Fashion Columnist Jay Santiago, Associate Fashion Editor Kabbie Rodriguez and Beauty Columnist Nichole Mercado.

You may recognize the gorgeous Nikki (far right)—she’s The Picky Dresser (Her fashion blog is absolute fabulosity!).

Clearly, we’re riding the tangerine bandwagon (It’s the color of the year!). Too bad Red, Joanna, Lana and Jay already changed into their own clothes when these wacky pics were taken.

Anyway, you can see the final shots (where we looked pretty respectable, haha) in our April issue in a few weeks—it’s also our Will and Kate wedding anniversary special, BTW. In the meantime, the March issue is still out in case you haven’t bought a copy yet. Heehee. It’s our first flip-cover ish (but still at P140!) so you cannot not have it.

Emma Stone + Ryan Gosling + Hunger Games! (3 of my fave things on the cover!) And oh, we have an interview with Papa Zac Efron inside, too. <3 And then when you flip the magazine over, you have this:

I’m sooo proud of this I could cry. Ha! Introducing the very first issue of OK! Glam! It’s a 10-page fashion and beauty shopping special (*chest bump, Kabbie!*)  and I’m excited for every one to see it. Tell me if it made you want to shop, shop, shop, ’cause if it did, then it means we did our job. :]

Happy Sunday!

Staff photos by Keith Dador. Hair by Muriel Vega Perez and Hyatt Laurel. Makeup by Tatin Yang and Byron Velasquez for MAC. Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez.

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