The 6-in-1 post

I refuuuuse to give up on this challenge. I refuuuuuse!

Sincerely, my pride.

Day 20: Bokeh (I skipped this earlier; refer to previous post for explanation =p)

Here's a sneak peek at my first beauty ed shoot for OK!

According to Wikipedia, bokeh is is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image… Ergo, this shot! Perfect, too, since I can’t exactly post more revealing photos from this shoot as it’s for a still unreleased issue (Watch for it in OK!’s December ish! My first beauty editorial! =])

By the way, that’s our Art Director Red in the foreground, supervising as fab photog Ash Castro takes pics of our gorgeous model Tanja. I’ll tell you more about this shoot once the issue’s out (so I can post more outtakes, too!). Stay tuned!

Day 23: Sunflare

K, me and R on a flight home from Bohol in June. We're smiling here but we're crying on the inside. Puritas!

Had to scour through my albums for a sunflare shot after realizing that (1) It’s NOT easy to capture the sun’s flare (er, ray?) intentionally; and (2) I always forget. Lagi ako nauubusan ng araw!

Thankfully, I found this shot in one of my travel albums for this year. Keri na!

Day 24: Animal. 

Er, animals.

Chika time! Here’s Chloe (left) and Andy making chika outside. These two don’t usually get along so this is a postcard moment for me! *tears*

Day  25: Pink.

This is why I have chubby cheeks!

Been fattening up this long weekend with cheese balls, chocolates and strawberry ice cream (my fave!). So far, kasya pa naman ako sa XS and S-size clothes ko. Pwede pa.

Day 26: Close-up

Food ulit? Haha. Here’s a close-up of my current fave salad, Sicilian Express’s Sicilian Salad (introduced to me by Kabbie!). It’s unbelievably good—especially the mystery dressing—you’ll forget that it’s salad! Ordered this while I was at Shine Girls Salon last Saturday (Digiperm again! Another story for another post!), which was just a few skips away from Sicilian’s Makati branch. Nomnomnom!

Day 27: From a Distance

My fave photo from this bunch! My long-distance friend Rose came to visit for a few days and we just had to get together with the girls. Nakaka-misssssss! :[ (From left: Grace, Lhen, then Rose and me). We’re missing two members, though. Michelle (where art thou?) and Grasha, who’s also Singapore-based. I wonder when we’ll ever be complete again?

Three photos to go and I’m done with this challenge (which is seriously kicking my ass!). With that, I promise to make my last three count!

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