Long Weekend-er


…to be productive for just one day—just ONE—out of the five-day holiday
…to start taking things out of your closet with the objective of a major clean-up, but end up stuffing them back in—in the same disorderly (sometimes worse) manner
…to eat breakfast at 11:30 am, lunch at 3:00 p.m. and dinner at 9:00 p.m. No one’s keeping tabs.
…to not finish the traditional Good Friday procession again. Let’s just say it’s part of tradition.
…to be at the mall on Black Saturday. Just to get some air.
…to feel just a little bit sorry for yourself when you put that dress back into the rack because you’ve maxed out on your spending rights for the day.
…to be afraid to look at your Piggie (expense-tracking) app because it only makes you feel bad about yourself.
…to not feel embarassed when your mom walks in on you watching Game of Thrones while a raunchy sex scene’s unfolding. (Side note: My mom’s reaction? “Bomba yan ah!” To which I casually replied, “Hindi puro ganyan yan. Maganda yan!”)




Yesterday, during Easter mass, the priest told us, “Instead of complaining and saying, ‘I don’t have everything to enjoy life,’ we should say, ‘I have life to enjoy everything.’”

This line struck a chord because true enough, I’ve been worrying a lot about life—and my spending/saving habits—a lot lately (That’s what happens when you turn 26 years old and start googling, ‘What’s the decent net worth of a 26-year-old?’).

Plus, just the previous day, I was in Forever 21 sulking, wishing I could buy ALL the pretty outfits that caught my eye (See item #6 in previous list). Super babaw, I know, but I’m sure if you’re a girl, this has happened to you, too. (Aaaaand admit it, it doesn’t seem so babaw when you’re in there, surrounded by such beautiful things!)

So anyway, here’s me, saying sorry for being such an ungrateful human being (I know I’m far more blessed than what my mind has me thinking sometimes) and promising to be more appreciate of what I do have… which is actually a lot!

I hope the Easter season has you feeling grateful, too, no matter what state of life you’re in. =]


2 thoughts on “Long Weekend-er

  1. i can totally relate. i’m 27 and nowhere near my financial goals. i’m always complaining kahit it’s completely my fault why i’m always broke haha.

    but right now, i’m trying to re-evaluate my expenses (and my life) – trying, being the operative word. haha

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