The Final Two (taken at two shoots!)

And finally, the last two photos for my 30-day challenge… which I managed to complete in SEVENTY-FOUR days. HAHA! This MUST be some kind of record.

Anywaaaay, I’m so glad I had two shoots this week (the source of these photos!). Here we go!

Photo 29: Black and White

Gorgeousness even in B&W!

Can you make out who that is? It’s YouTube sensation-turned-recording artist Marié Digby! We were lucky enough to book her for a beauty shoot for OK! Philippines and OMG, she’s the sweetest girl ever. No airs, no diva attitude, nothing—just a super down-to-earth girl who’s sooo easy to work with. On top of that, she’s beyond pretty! I can’t wait for you guys to see the final photos in the magazine—in the January 2012 issue pa, though. Hehe (which is why I can’t post more pics!). But I promise to do a detailed behind-the-scenes entry once the issue hits the stands.

While waiting for that, though, do grab a copy of her latest CD called Your Love. It features new singles (and a duet with Sam Milby!) plus my fave Marié song, “Say It Again.”

Loooove her!

Photo 30: Self-portrait

This week, we also had our annual Christmas staff shoot!

The theme: Harry Potter (meets Gossip Girl meets Glee? Haha!)

Sinong chumu-chubs? Haha! Photo by Mitch Mauricio (shot on location at Café 1771, El Pueblo), makeup by Cherry Pacheco-Uy, hair by Marie Tan, styling by Kabbie Rodriguez (outfit from Forever 21). This is just a ‘just-for-fun-solo-shot’ that’s not coming out in the mag so might as well post it here! What’s coming out in the mag is our super cute group photo a la Team Gryffindor (which explains the color combinations!). Watch for it on Frances‘s ed’s note in the December issue, which comes out in two weeks!

Call me biased but methinks it’s our best staff photo yet—and most memorable, too, since during our shoot, something magical happened: Our associate fashion editor Kabbie got a movie-like proposal from her longtime boyfriend Mitor! Aaah, I love happy endings!

You can read all about that adorable proposal here on Kabbie’s blog. I swear, suuuuuper kilig! =) Congrats again to the lovely lovely couple!

And speaking of congratuleyshens, aren’t you gonna congratulate me for finally finishing this blog challenge? Haha, FAIL man when it comes to sticking to the “30-day” requirement, SUCCESS naman in making it to the finish line. So I guess this makes it a… SEMI-SUCCESS?! Regardless, I’m still happy I took on this project. Hirap but fun!

Happy Sunday! =)

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